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In order to ensure the protection of users' personal data, privacy and user rights, Magazi International Co., Ltd. will use the user's personal data during the website browsing process. Please inform the following matters in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act:

First, the purpose and method of collection
The company's collection purpose is to conduct user management, internal statistical investigation and analysis (legal specific project number is 006 public relations, 037 customer management, 060 statistical investigation and
analysis, 065 database system and management. Collection method will be through the form Fill in the way to collect personal data.

Second, the collection of personal data categories
Personal data collected by the company on the website includes
(1) C001 identifies individuals: such as the user's name, address, telephone, email and other information.

Third, the use period, region, object and method
(1) Period: The period of service of the company.
(2) Region: The user's personal data will be used in Taiwan.
(3) Use object and method: The user's personal data is used for the business management of the company.

Fourth, the rights of users' personal data
The user who delivers the personal data of the company may exercise the following rights in accordance with the capital law:
(1) Enquiry or request for reading.
(2) Request for a copy.
(3) Request for supplementation or correction.
(4) Request to stop collecting, processing or utilizing.
(5) Request for deletion.
(6) Users can call TEL:886-4-7332679 Contact our customer service to apply.